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Students will gain a range of practical skills for working on heritage properties, which will introduce them to a range of trade occupations within the Heritage Construction Industry. Curriculum emphasis will be tailored to the particular needs of each cohort, for example

  • Overview of conservation basics – damp, why traditional materials, breathability – focus on practicality and function of good traditional building skills and materials rather than delve into philosophy; why good for the building etc.
  • Retrofit and energy efficiency installation –overview of potential and risks
  • Lime skills practical – lime repointing, plain plastering & limewashing
  • Cob – practical
  • Roofing repairs – practical, including leadwork
  • Brickwork repairs – practical
  • Stonework – mix of theory (e.g. rubble stone generally had a lime finish, why choice of replacement stone is essential, methods of repair [indents, lime mortar repairs], mortar choice and practical session
  • Timber repairs – theory & practical
  • Repairing historic windows – theory and practical

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