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Would an increased knowledge of digital tools help you to gain a new role within the organisation you currently work for, or begin a new career in this lucrative sector?

This Skills Bootcamp in Digital Business Skills will cover:

  • Discovering your Digital Starting Point
  • Digital Marketing for Small Business
  • Experimenting with Digital Tools and Technologies (ChatGPT, Canva and CapCut)
  • Telling your Story and Creating A Brand with Values
  • Maximising Social Media for your Business
  • Leadership and Cultural Change in Digital Transformation
  • Process Planning and Time Management
  • Measuring and Sustaining Digital Transformation

This course is for anyone from any background and stage in their life who wants to improve their digital skills in the workplace. This could include people starting their own business or employees looking to build their skillset within their current role or boost their CV to improve their employability.