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Get to grips with what it’s like to work as an accountant with this brand new Skills Bootcamp in Bookkeeping, backed and funded by the UK Government. With changes to working practices, the role of a bookkeeper/accountant has become much broader, with analytical skills, commercial awareness, and business partnering all representing key responsibilities within an organisation. The Accountancy Skills Bootcamp is the perfect introduction for those wanting to understand their business’ finances better, those switching careers or getting started in the professional world, as the programme helps you to understand the fundamental principles and working practises of accountancy.

A free in-person accounting course, the Bootcamp will give learners the ability to confidently understand the documents, terminology, and technical skills required by an accountant, with an end goal of increasing eligibility for career progression and/or educational opportunities – whether onto an Apprenticeship, into full time employment, or into a new role.

The Accountancy Skills Bootcamp will enable you to learn the fundamental skills you will need to work in a finance related role, so you understand basic bookkeeping, fundamental accounting techniques, financial statements, and costing techniques. If you are looking to get a flavour of accountancy or just better understand finance in the workplace, this Bootcamp will provide a true introduction to the key concepts, accounting jargon, develop your confidence with business finance, take on a new finance role or enable you to progress onto one of our industry recognised learning programmes with CMI or AAT courses.

The delivery of the course will be through a 1 day a week for 10 weeks.