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Participants of the Intro to Marine Industries Skills Bootcamp will be introduced to the history, significance, and global impact, alongside explorations of various sectors within the Marine industry: shipping, fishing, aquaculture, offshore energy, marine tourism, and more.

The course will identify current trends and challenges in the marine industry. Learners will gain an overview of international maritime laws and conventions, with an understanding of national regulations and environmental policies. The Skills Bootcamp will view case studies on legal issues and their implications on marine industries. Participants will study maritime transportation systems: ships, ports, and terminals and analysis of logistics operations in marine industries. The Skills Bootcamp will provide an introduction to containerisation, bulk cargo, and intermodal transportation.

Participants will be introduced to the exploration of offshore oil and gas exploration, renewable energy sources: offshore wind, tidal, and wave energy alongside technological advancements and future prospects in offshore energy and provide an overview of emerging technologies: marine robotics, autonomous vessels, and underwater drones.

This course will examine career pathways and opportunities in the marine industry.

Learning outcomes:
● To understand the development of the marine industry, the constituent sectors, trends & challenges.
● To discuss and evaluate the role of maritime law, national regulations and related environmental policies.
● To understand and assess the commercialisation and innovation opportunities of the marine environment in regard to transportation and energy production.
● To develop an overview of marine and ecology considerations in the marine environment.
● To work effectively as part of a group.