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Participants will be introduced to Sensing Technologies enabling them to understand the significance of sensing technologies in modern applications, including the evolution of sensors and their role in various industries. While also looking at the different types of sensors available and their basic principles.

The Bootcamp will also look at advanced features and applications of sensors, along with case study Analysis of LiDAR Sensors. Exploration of contemporary sensors with embedded features such as motion detection, orientation, and Machine Learning Core (MLC).

The course will also explore different examples from other industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, or environmental monitoring, depending on the focus, background and interests of the Bootcamp participants. This will allow students to examine and explore different career pathways and opportunities within the industry.

Exploration of the diverse applications of advanced sensors in different sectors could include the following routes:

  • Transportation: Understanding how sensors contribute to improving traffic management, vehicle safety, and navigation systems.
  • Healthcare: Exploring the use of sensors in medical devices for patient monitoring, diagnostics, and personalised healthcare.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Discuss the role of sensors in monitoring air quality, detecting pollutants, and assessing environmental conditions.
  • Smart Infrastructure: Examining how sensors are utilised in building automation, energy management, and infrastructure monitoring for efficiency and sustainability.