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The Skills Bootcamp will provide learners with the initial skills they may require in starting a career in the manufacturing sector.

The first session will be based at Eaton aerospace in South Molton and will give learners the opportunity to have a tour around the manufacturing facility there and discuss the sector. The learners will be given an opportunity to ask any questions.

Reading Engineering drawings – The learners will be taught how to understand first and third angle projection, how to interpret engineering drawings and the tolerancing systems associated with them.

Using Measuring equipment – The learners will be able to effectively read and use external micrometer, bore micrometer, depth micrometer, vernier height gauges, use gauges to good effect and digital callipers.

Using tools and equipment to produce and assemble a product by hand – this will be the key part of the tuition and will be split into manufacturing individual items using hand fitting techniques, to then assembling items that have been manufactured.

Soldering – The learners will gain a basic understanding of the theory and practical skill associated with soldering.