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Welding learner

Meet Leanne who completed the Train4Tomorrow Welding Skills Bootcamp

Age 40

Area Hayle, Cornwall

Leanne found her path to personal and professional transformation through a Welding Bootcamp offered by Truro and Penwith College. Her journey reflects a determination to acquire new skills and broaden her horizons after facing difficulties in her earlier educational experiences.

Leanne, originally from Bristol, moved to Cornwall at the age of 17. Struggling with traditional education, she left school with Ds and Es as her highest grades. Over the years, she worked various jobs. At age 21 she obtained a taxi licence and worked for a company in Hayle for 15 years, alongside delivering for a supermarket chain. During this time, Leanne also acquired her Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) and Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) licences through government-funded programmes and completed a BTEC course in Transport, Freight and Customer Service.

Recognising the importance of diversifying her skill set, especially given her predominantly driving-focused employment history, Leanne decided to enrol in the Welding Bootcamp to pursue a change of direction in her career. The practical, hands-on approach of the bootcamp was particularly appealing to her due to her preference for practical assessments and her apprehension towards academic/written work.

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Skills gained

Welding and Fabrication

For Leanne, the most rewarding part of the Welding Bootcamp was the opportunity to learn something entirely new – the art of welding. Although it proved more challenging than she initially thought, she experienced a profound sense of achievement in acquiring this valuable skill. She attributed much of her success to the outstanding support provided by her tutor saying, “Rob is extremely patient and takes time to help me understand.”

Balancing the Welding Bootcamp with her work and family life proved to be manageable for Leanne, as she worked part-time, and her workplace allowed flexible hours. With the taught sessions taking place only once a week, it further facilitated her ability to juggle her responsibilities effectively.

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Leanne said:

“I think the bootcamps are a great idea and I like the fact I had the opportunity to go on a fully funded course to learn something new. We’re really lucky to have this available to us.”

Looking ahead, Leanne envisions a future filled with new opportunities. The Welding Bootcamp has opened doors to explore alternative careers, and she aspires to undertake part-time welding work alongside her current job. She firmly believes in the value of such bootcamps and appreciates the chance to participate in a fully funded course to acquire new skills.

Leanne’s experience with the Welding Bootcamp showcases the importance of alternative educational pathways that focus on practical skills and real-world applications. It demonstrates how individuals like Leanne can overcome previous educational challenges and embrace new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Bootcamps provide accessible and practical education to empower individuals in their pursuit of new skills and career paths.

Join the thousands supercharging their skills and find out more about the Skills Bootcamps available in Devon and Cornwall this year. 

This case study was written by Truro and Penwith College.