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Digital Healthcare

Meet Nguyen who completed a digital healthcare Skills Bootcamp

Digital Healthcare

Age 21

Area Taunton, Somerset (please note Somerset Bootcamps will now be run by a different organisation – find out about Skills Bootcamps in other areas on the government website Find a Skills Bootcamp – Guidance – GOV.UK (

Nguyen came to Train4Tomorrow Skills Bootcamps to combine her passion for improved health outcomes and digital technology, and to help realise her ambition to find employment in the digital healthcare sector.

Nguyen and her fellow learners developed the skills to build applications, web, use Python computer language, developed an understanding of the healthcare sector and theories, practice and are working on their own digital project.

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Skills gained

Building Web Applications, Python, Understanding healthcare sector and theories

Nguyen has enjoyed working on various projects, including one called “Work out, fill your fridge”. This is a digital app to help elderly people get the regular exercise they need and remember to take their medicine.

The app provides a daily reminder for people to take their medicine, whilst simultaneously counting their steps. By achieving their set goals in these areas, users of the app can gain points to be redeemed at supermarkets, restaurants or clinics.

The app provides a clear benefit to elderly people, but Nguyen is also interested in how it might be useful for insurance companies. By establishing a healthy customer community, and lowering the expenses related to clients’ health problems

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Profile said:

 “If you’re looking to learn and you see a course that suits your needs, just contact Train4Tomorrow or one of the delivery partners and ask for more information like I did. The first time I saw the opportunity, I thought I didn’t have the relevant experience to apply. I quickly learnt that the courses are designed for people with passion rather than experience, and I have got far more from the course than I could have imagined. Don’t be scared – go for it!”

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