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The Future Climate Leaders Skills Bootcamp is designed to equip learners with the skills, tools and knowledge needed to drive sustainability within their organisation. It prepares learners to be proactive, informed and influential in tackling environmental challenges, making them champions of a sustainable future.

Through an innovative, science-based curriculum, inspiring case studies and hands-on environmental challenges, learners will explore the levers of climate change, develop sustainable leadership skills and discover how to implement practical solutions for a healthier planet, thriving organisation and prosperous individual.

Co-funded by Devon County Council through Skills Bootcamps, this ten-week course is open to those aged 19+ in employment and based in Devon.

This course is open to employees working in organisations of any size or sector from across Devon. Learners could be working in manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, leisure, hospitality, retail, a social enterprise, a charity etc.

This course is for employees at all levels passionate about making sustainable changes to their organisation. As employees must be given an additional responsibility following the course, we anticipate that most learners will be in a leadership or managerial role.