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This Social Care Skills Bootcamp aims to give an adult introduction to the social care sector overall. We will look at this area and the different settings where social care is provided.

Course is focused on careers in social care – aim is to give employability and basic study skills with an up to date view of the social care sector.
Students guaranteed a job interview in sector, so they will have relevant knowledge and some transferable skills e.g. first aid and recording of observations
We will cover all care standards from theoretical viewpoint ( as they are not employed and will need to complete this on gaining employment they cannot do the actual qualification).

Focus on underpinning values in the sector. As these are adult learners, much of the learning will be focussed discussions with self-assessment of understanding of the knowledge, with suggestions for further reading and extension activities for more academic learners. The lecturer will assess and adapt delivery to the group each week. Discussions will support development of key skill of communication in the sector. Self-assessment will support reflection- another core skill for those working in Social work.

Careers research will be targeted towards individual learners to support their current experience and career goals as they will vary.

Resources will be primarily online via the Google classroom to support sustainability and reduce use of paper resources.

The sequence of the sessions is designed to give an introduction to essential information in Health care that has a general knowledge aspect but then moving on to more sector specific issues and topics. The practical sessions of first aid and manual handling are threaded through the course to add variety and application to the theory.