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Regenerative Land-Based Systems

Meet John who completed the Train4Tomorrow Regenerative Agriculture Skills Bootcamp

Area Salcombe, Devon

John is self-employed, he owns Meadow Barn Farm in South Hams, where he keeps chickens, pigs and sheep. They also offer off-grid, low impact accommodation set in the beautiful South Hams.

With an interest in regenerative agriculture, whilst doing some research John found the Apricot Centre in Totnes, just an hour away from his home. They offer a level 2 Skills Bootcamp in Regenerative Land-Based Systems, which runs onsite each Wednesday for 12 weeks.

For most sessions, the learners spend the morning in the classroom in Totnes and then in the afternoon they are taken outside for practical onsite fieldwork. John found that this practical outdoor work solidified the mornings classroom learning, he said “you sat in the classroom all morning understanding the science of it and the benefits and so it sort of completes the picture in your mind.”

John had two goals when he joined the course; to gain a much broader understanding of all different aspects of regenerative farming, and to network and meet people in a similar role. Even within a few weeks of starting the course John said that the goals had been massively achieved.

With time to chat during breaks he felt comfortable with his group of colleagues quickly, who have even set up a WhatsApp group where they share knowledge and opportunities.

“There were some aspects of the course that I had very little knowledge of” he admitted, “But the course for me has been testament to how you can go into a learning environment with an open mind and increase your understanding of the world around you massively.”

He was pleased to find the Skills Bootcamp had an eye on business support as well as sustainable farming.  He said, “it has given me some more business understanding, and I think our business will be more profitable as a result.”

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Qualifications gained

Level 2 in Regenerative Agriculture

“I wanted to learn from people who had direct experience, who are successfully growing and rearing animals in a way that was sustainable and good for the land.”

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John said:

“I can’t overstate how good it has been, it’s opened my eyes to all sorts of things in a very, very practical way.”

“I’m super grateful that this has been available to me and my mantra has changed about why I’m doing it, in regard to the soil and sustainability.”

Now with a clearer understanding of regenerative agriculture in regard to both animals and food, John is confident of his new skills, and said, “I can look any customer in the eye and say this is what we do and why we do it, in an authentic fashion.”

Join the thousands supercharging their skills and find out more about the Skills Bootcamps available in Devon and Cornwall this year.