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R & M Coombes

Civils and Groundworks

R & M Coombes supported seven employees to complete the Train4Tomorrow Civils and Groundworks Skills

R & M Coombes, a well-established family-run business with almost 50 years of experience, specialises in a diverse range of construction services, including plant hire, cladding, groundworks, landscaping, wall building and equine work, to name a few.

Founded by the family patriarch and based in Newton Abbot, Devon, the business has remained a mainstay in the local community, undertaking various projects with a dedicated team of 10 employees.

After speaking to Gavin Coombes, R & M Coombes Managing Director, here’s what we gleaned:

Unique challenges and goals:

Despite their strong foothold in the industry, R & M Coombes sought to expand the team’s skill set and venture into new fields to maintain versatility and avoid monotony in their daily operations. To achieve this, seven employees, including key members Jason, Richard, Amanda, Steve, and Gavin, expressed a keen interest in participating in the Skills Bootcamp, recognising the value of upskilling to remain competitive in the evolving construction landscape.

Discovery of CSP’s training programme:

Construction Skills People’s proactive approach, reaching out to R & M Coombes, presented an opportune moment to explore the Skills Bootcamp programme, which is funded by Devon County Council as part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee. Understanding the benefits of the programme for both upskilling existing staff and nurturing new talent, the construction company eagerly embraced the opportunity to equip their team with advanced industry knowledge and certifications, considering the company’s desire to further diversify its service offering in the near future.

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Impact and benefits:

While Gavin expressed that it’s still early to gauge the full impact, the company anticipates that the training will not only prepare their workforce for upcoming projects but also enhance their on-site health and safety expertise. The team’s enrolment in the programme has enabled them to develop a comprehensive understanding of HSE protocols, ensuring a safer and more efficient work environment.

Employee morale and future prospects:

Although some team members initially faced challenges with certain aspects of the training, the overall enthusiasm within the workforce remained high. With six individuals having already benefited from the programme, and an additional three employees set to participate in the upcoming session, the business is confident that the Skills Bootcamp will significantly contribute to their staff’s multifaceted capabilities and job satisfaction.

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Gavin said:

“The training took place onsite, allowing employees to continue their work on a new farm construction project overlooking Dartmoor.”

Gavin says that the business unequivocally endorses Construction Skills People’s Skills Bootcamps, already having recommended it to others within their professional network. R & M Coombes believe that the programme’s comprehensive approach to skill development and industry-specific training is invaluable for any construction business seeking to enhance their workforce’s expertise and versatility.

This case study was written by The Construction Skills People. To find out about their current Skills Bootcamps on offer, click here.